Monday, June 11, 2012

Fashion: What I Wore


Cardigan: Topshop
Tank: Hanes
Harems: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Rings: H&M

Decided to work the harems today. I didn't know how to wear them, so I thought dressing down sequins would be a good start. Plus, I've been wearing so many neutral colors lately that I thought a good pop of color was necessary. Too bad my parents thought I looked like a bum. :/

I think my name should be Derpina Jones. Just because I am that. A derp. A derp who knows she is a derp and is trying to not be a derp, but in that pursuit, come off as even more of a derp.

Woke up late today for work. I was an hour late. Luckily, my very scary, very intimidating boss is out on medical leave, so I was spared the proverbial foot in the ass. I work in an office at my school. Much of my hard-earned income is spent travelling to and from the city. What do I do at said job you may ask? I'll tell you.

I sit at a desk.
I answer phone calls.
Occasionally, there might be work for us to do.
I make friends and we have pointless yet satisfying conversation.
I sometimes study. 
I think dirty thoughts about my hot co-worker.
I put together potential outfits in my head.
You get the idea. My job is pretty easy. Why is this in poem form you may ask? I don't know. Deal with it.

Got at least eight different things I plan to buy with my future money. I've seen some cute shit at GoJane includign a skull-print pussy-tie shirt and some copycat American Apparel leggings for half the price. I've been wanting the American Apparel Disco Short forever. Need a cute pair of flats and some oxfords would be perfect. 


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