Monday, September 3, 2012

Fashion: Grrrrr.

Now that I work at Topshop, I'm expected to wear their clothing as much as I can, and I had to draw attention to this particular shirt. Do you guys remember the whole craze with Christopher Kane a few years back? It all started with this shirt...

Everyone and their mom wanted this shirt. And ever since I saw this--and the price tag--I've been searching for a similar one. eBay will only get you so far because it is still expensive, and I am too broke to spend $300 on a shirt. The one I got from Topshop above last year is the closest I've gotten. Bottom line, if you have the cash to buy something like this, these "it" items, do it. I already missed out on the Jeremy Scott rainbow wing Adidas because of the price tag. Snap them bitches up while you got a chance! And never let it go. Unless you plan on selling it on eBay for five times the price. PROFIT!111

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