Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion: The Black Lips

Trying out my new black lipstick. Yay or nay?



Hat: Beauty Supply Store. Bodysuit: ASOS. Shorts: GoJane. Vest: Forever 21. Shoes: Dr. Martens. Bracelet: My friend's but I'm guessing its from The Alley. 

My crazy get-up for my first day of school. Half Village People, half...something with a leather vest, IDK. This will be my first year commuting, and its as annoying as it is kind of cool. Not sure yet. I honestly just want an apartment. Real bad. Living on my own, being able to walk around naked, blast my music whenever I want, not hear anything from anyone when I stay out sounds amazing. But I guess I can't do that right now. Grr. Eventually.

I like experimenting with different lip colors. Black is extreme, but it doesn't hurt to play with new colors. I went from pink to rusty reds and pin-up reds to black. I'd love some more purple shades. I see now that it is totally popular to play with shades, regardless of skin tone. I've seen darker girls wearing orange and bright pink and pale girls wearing dark colors. Love it!

BTW, I've been searching for that leather vest forever. Like a Boss Moment: The chick who I asked where it was, she said they ran out. But I knew not to trust her, because people have a tendency of just saying whatever to get you out of their face. Plus, she seemed like a bitch. So I look around and what do I find? The vest I'd been needing for a very long time. Bam.

I haven't done a music post in a while. Need to change that! 

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