Monday, November 12, 2012

Miss KL

Jeffrey Campbell makes my dick hard.
BOTB by Hellz Bellz. This reminds me so much of the dress that Little J wore Gossip Girl when she kissed Nate at that big party...or whatever that was. The cut, at least. I love plaid so much.

Finder's Keepers. I hate those boring dresses that inundate Forever 21 with their skankiness and lack of originality. This is a hot ass dress to wear out and even in the daytime. PLUS ITS SO BRIGHT AAAAHHHH.

Lime Crime lipstick. $16, but apparently, it's really great lipstick. Plus, it comes in that ADORABLE little tube.

Obey jacket. Been searching for a jacket/hoodie combo for a while. But the price has always deterred me. This jacket is deliciously badass and casual.

UNIF poncho. Do I need to explain this awesome print? It kind of reminds me of the cover of Wavves' album King of the Beach.

UNIF leo coat. I really really REALLY want a leo coat that doesn't shed. The cut it so right and it looks like it might actually be warm. Plus, it is UNIF. I love UNIF. If UNIF didn't cost so damn much, I'd have a piece in my closet.

YRU sneakers. Umm...SCARY FUCKING SPICE. Nuff said. These sneakers defy all awesomeness.

Sometimes I just wish I had a rich aunt who knew my style and could buy me stuff from Miss KL and just know what I'd like. That funky aunt who likes your weirdness and totally gets it and just randomly sends you cool things every now and then. But alas, I'm blogging about it like the fashion obsessed weirdo that I am. *sigh* It's either this or actually have people read this blog so they can send me free shit...

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