Thursday, December 20, 2012

Funky Monks

Excuse the jankyness of the floor. My dad was doing work and I couldn't find another place to take the pics. :/

Shirt: Ordered online. Coat: Burlington? Shorts: H&M. Boots: Kmart. Tights: Idk. 

So let's get one thing straight before I ramble on about about this outfit: I love music. I love band t-shirts. I love RHCP. There's just something about those dirty ass boys with long hair, drug addictions--well not anymore, but still--and possible bad hygiene that just drives me mad. You got Flea's sexy ass running around on the stage playing bass like a brother in a diaper, you got Anthony's conceited ass not doing anything but looking hot while he whips his hair back and forth, you got Will Ferrell jamming on the drums, and Crucial Frusciante--as I like to call him--is laying in the cut being fucking AWESOME. Seriously, absolutely NO ONE should play the solo riff from "Californication" but HIM. 

Ok. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Band t-shirts have always been tricky for me to style because they're not necessarily cute. I hacked off the bottom of this shirt and cut off the sleeves to make it feminine. It was at least a size too big and it's a medium. Most of the shirts I get aren't made of flimsy, cutesy material, in which case I'd wear them more. But this one is awesome because of the logo, the cut, and the fact that it's cropped doesn't hurt either. Styled these bad boys with a red coat to bring out the logo, shorts and tights because really, pants are just a buzzkill, and boots. Voila. The perfect band t-shirt outfit. 

Now it's time for those end of the year music lists. I never know half of what's on there. I'm ashamed to call myself a music nerd. :( Most of the stuff I listen to isn't even current, so I don't even know how I'd begin to compile such a list. All I listened to this year was Beirut, St. Vincent, Frank Ocean, Jeff Buckley, get the idea? None of this is from 2012 except Frank Ocean. I'll come up with some semblance of a list but don't expect it to be as awesome at Pitchfork's or whatever other snobby music blog.



  1. Love this, your style is awesome! xo

  2. awesome outfit and you're so pretty! xx

  3. GReat look!!