Thursday, January 10, 2013

Days Go By

Six Flags, 2011. 

Halloween, 2010. 

Columbia College's Manifest, 2011

California, 2011.

Chicago NYE, 2012

Me and my ex-boyfriend Steven (RIP), 2012

Please do not ask me why I am reminiscing about shit as if I'm about to die. For some odd reason, Beachwood Sparks' "By Your Side" is playing in my head while I recount the trivial markers of my youth. My first boyfriend, going out for once on New Year's, my first plane trip to California, Halloween--which me and my friends take VERY cereal--and even checking out the school you're transferring to with the guy you have a massive hard-on for (he's the blonde kid on the left in the Manifest photo. There used to be a nice little explanation as to how I felt about him, but I must have deleted it. :( Shit. That was good, too.

Anyways, I feel like I'm not doing enough with my life. It kind of sucks to hear everyone else talk about how they're going here and there and moving into their new apartments and whatnot. I want to reach a new milestone in my life. I want to leave Chicago, at least for a little while. Get new opportunities. Meet awesome people. Fall in love. Have sex. (Yes, I said it--er, typed it.) There's so much awesomeness in the world for me to experience and I want to soak it all up, because I honestly feel like I act like I'm way more interesting than I really am.

I'm just in a sad state of upheaval. The guy at my job I told you guys about before seems into me, but I can't seem to believe it because he's so conventionally attractive and I'm not. I'm more secure at my job because I've been kept on past seasonal. Pulled good grades this semester. Applying for internships. Still music blogging and whatnot. Fine. But I need more. Boredom can easily crush me like a fat bitch. 

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