Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fashion: Shit I Want

[x] 1: Skull Print Blouse - GoJane
[x] 2: White Bustier - Forever21
[x] 3: White Sunglasses - ASOS
[x] 4: Blue Pleated Miniskirt - ASOS
[x] 5: Pink Lace Bodysuit - ASOS
[ ] 6: Rainbow Bodysuit - ASOS
[ ] 7: Black and White Brogues - Wanted Shoes
[x] 8: Silver Sequin Dress - NastyGal
[ ] 9: Pink Leggings - GoJane
[ ] 10: Jeffrey Campbell HOmg Black Platform Sneakers 
[ ] 11: Kreepsville Bone Knee Skirt - Sour Puss Clothing
I checked off the boxes of the things I ordered as soon as I got paid. I can totally see myself rocking 5, 4, 3, and 7 together. How indeedly sick. 

The NastyGal dress was begging me to buy it. Not only had this dress been on sale for $34 for what seemed like an eternity, but it was then marked down to $28. Go to buy the dress and then it was marked down to $23.80. I had to.

The sneakers are like a reincarnation of the Spice Girls era, which I believe is coming right back in a big way.   
I can totally see myself wearing them with leopard printed tights, black shorts, and my Like a Virgin tee that I got at Forever 21. Or even that Kreepsville skirt. Jeez, the possibilities are freaking endless!

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