Sunday, June 24, 2012

Life: Shit I've Done Lately

What I planned to wear to a fashion show. Our ride was late, so we ended up sitting on my co-worker's couch, fully dressed and fabulous, watching Jawbreaker. Sheer Forever 21 button-up that closely resembled the ones from American Apparel, a Forever 21 bustier, and a black maxi skirt...from Forever fucking 21. Just guess where the necklace is from.

I had to take a picture of this. It's funny and sad. And it tells you a lot about my neighborhood. Apparently, someone just had to have the convenience of buying both hair supplies and pregnancy tests because that's just how her life works. Love the demographic, don't you?

My co-worker's fresh pair of heel-less shoes. I really don't get the whole minus-the-heel trend. I suck at wearing heels as it is, so when you take away the one thing that keeps me from falling the fuck down, I have no reason to get behind it. But she seems to be able to wear them well. More power to you women who have mastered the art of being uncomfortable.

Yesterday I went to the beach and Kiss FM was throwing some random shindig on the restaurant/bar at the beach. It was fun, but I have to say, drunken douchebags are annoying. One of them danced with me, and then subsequently tried to make his friend jealous by showing me off to him, because apparently his friend wanted me. Umm. . .okay.

I keep cards inside my phone case, so that's why its cut off. Anyway, my friend invited me to a celebrity football game. Is this sports attire? No. Do I give a fuck? No. And let me tell me you guys something: celebrities are way shorter in real life then they are on television. Nick Jonas played. He's a midget. No one would care about his existence if his name wasn't Nick Jonas. Ne-Yo is a midget. Jesse Metcalfe actually looks like a football player, to my surprise. It was still a fun day, though. Met up with my other friend afterwards and we went out briefly. 

Forever 21 blazer, random cut-off shorts, Forever 21 tank. (Geez, I'm a friggin' billboard.)

And last but not least, the extent of my culinary skills. I made bananas foster with caramel syrup and a breakfast bowl, consisting of eggs, potatoes, cheese, and bacon. Lots. Of. Bacon. Yum.

Hope you guys had a good weekend!