Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life: Black Women < Everyone

I know it's eleven minutes, but it is basically the TL;DR version of both what I'm about to dive into, and this simple statement:

Black women suck.

Okay, obviously they don't, and if that was coming from one, it would sound a little weird. What it means is, this what society thinks of us.

I get extremely frustrated seeing black women make a complete fool of themselves on television. (Does Flavor of Love ring a gigantic bell?) There's always a list of stereotypes associated with our existence. Personal favorites include 

- Single mother
- If more than one kid, they are by different men
- On welfare
- Sluts
- Extremely disconnected from any form of intelligence
- Musical taste doesn't exceed Lil' Wayne
- Angry and bitter
- Closed off from interracial dating completely
- Not adventurous
- Generally unfriendly
-Gold Diggers
- Will never be married

What really bothers me is that black women receive the brunt of all these negative stereotypes. We get specials on ABC telling us why we're not getting married. People constantly tell us we're in the highest rate to get STDs. We get everyone reminding us that we're ugly and the standard of beauty is a skinny blonde white woman. Yet no one ever makes white women look bad. White women, in my honest opinion, are just as slutty, gold digger-y, unable to get married, and all that jazz, as black women, if not more. But I'm not here to trash the races or pit one against the other because we're all the same. I just hate when black women are completely ignored. Yes, it may be hard to come by to find a girl who is actually normal and doesn't scare the living shit out of you, but to lump us all into one category and say that we all act a certain way is simply unfair.

Also, for those who saw the whole "black women have it harder than black men" and disagree, I'm sorry but I still hold my opinion. Black men have it just fine as long they don't fucking go to jail. It is not hard to not do stupid things. If you're in a gang and you end up in jail, it was your choice, it's your fault. Black men are generally accepted by everyone because there's no harm in having a black friend. White guys get their token cool guy to hang out with who can teach them shit. White girls gain their first foray into interracial dating. Everyone loves a token black guy. Not everyone likes a token black girl. White guys don't want to talk to the token black girl because they're scared of her if they find her attractive. They don't like being rejected, let alone by someone of the opposite race. White girls don't like a token black girl because they don't want to feel like a black girl is their equal. If she's prettier, too, they definitely don't want to be friends because they don't feel like they have to compete with a black woman. Black women are below them, as society says. So there's no competition...unless of course she's cute. 

I say all this because I'm not a stereotypical black girl, and I feel like I've gotten a lot of flak for it lately. It's totally fine to be your own person if you're white, but if you're black, you have to be like everyone else, it seems. Black people seem to be the only ones who condone stupidity and glamorize it. Doesn't that seem weird to you? When is it going to be okay for everyone to be accepted for who they are and not for what society paints you out to be?

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