Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fashion: Topshop Collages

Haven't posted in a week, and I apologize. I've been weighed down with worries about school, work, and all this other BS. But within this week, I plan to post more. I want to do another mix and work in more music with the style posts. 

So while I was bored, and procrastinating while I should've been writing a paper and filling out job apps--UGH--I played around on Topshop and made a few collages. Different outfits for different occasions...or just me pretending to have money and make a bunch of cute ensembles. Call it what you will. 

Outfit 1

I love the idea of breaking up monochrome with tie-dye. Add a quirky accessory and edgy jewelry. Bam. You look awesome. And I freaking dig this high-low skirt. I've been looking for a grey maxi skirt for a while now. This would be the way I'd wear it. Casualize it with a t-shirt--bonus points for the deadpan snark--and a denim jacket.

Outfit 2

Metallic isn't just for going out. I think daytime sparkle should be utilized a little more. A denim bustier dress is sexy without being too sexy--depending on what size it is. Don't walk out wearing this shit if it is four sizes too small, pleeeease--and accessorize it with John Lennon shades, a white bag to offset the rest of light, pastel colors, and dangly earrings for added effect. 

Outfit 3

This is probably my favorite one I did. Again, keeping with the pastel theme, I wanted this look to be casual yet playful. Nothing too sexy here, we're just going for something other than boring jeans and a t-shirt. Pink pants, a sparkly top, and gladiator sandals. Sounds boring, right? Not when you accessorize it right. The sandals align with the black beading on the top. The pastel bag and sunglasses complement the pants. Its the perfect spring-to-summer look. Like something you'd wear to a picnic or a chill music festival. 

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  1. Loving the outfits you have combined! Great!

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