Sunday, July 15, 2012

Music: Snippets of Awesome/P4K

Here's Beck being totally random in a quintessentially 90s moment. (Hello, Thurston Moore!)

Flea and John Frusciante singing Spice Girls! Maybe because fellow bandmate Anthony used to bang Sporty Spice? 

Remember Olivia? The chick who sang with 50 Cent on "Candy Shop?" She does a pretty facking awesome Miss Swan impersonation.

A throwback to the glory days of Fall Out Boy. Patrick's Mormon-style scrubdown.

I'm riding off of a small musical high after the Pitchfork festival. It was amazeballs. I stood up for 6 hours to see Hot Chip, and it totally paid off. Alexis Taylor, the lead singer, was on point. Swagged the fuck out in a Chanel tee and baggy white pants, he walked around like a boss while "Flutes," "Over and Over," and "Ready for the Floor" played in the background. Heard Sleigh Bells and Flying Lotus from the red stage--FlyLo is FUCKING AWESOME live, I now need to get up on him more--and met up with a friend to see Grimes. (Meh.) But all in all, very good. My goal is to see at least 2 concerts a year, which has worked so well since 2008 (my first concert, and I saw Panic! at the Disco!) and I intend to keep it up. Did anyone else to go to the hipster music festival? If so, who did you guys see?

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