Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fashion + Music: Music Video Style

What better way to wrap fashion and music in a pretty little bow than in music videos? Some videos are so filled to the brim with hot designers and beautiful styling that you gain inspiration. Take Rihanna's "What's My Name" video that had fashionistas flocking to H&M to cop that striped jacket she wore in the video. That's all it takes. So enjoy these next seven examples of music video fashion, and why I think they're awesomesauce.

Artist: The Plastiscines
Song: Barcelona
Year: 2009
Treatment: 60s-style screen-splits. Three models shooting a random music video.
Jaw-Dropper: Lead singer Katy Besnard's blue and purple thigh-high patterned boots paired with a pink patent leather jacket.

A red guitar perfectly accessorizes big polka dots, doesn't it?

Artist: Fefe Dobson
Song: Ghost
Year: 2010
Treatment: Fefe trolls cheating ex-boyfriend in a variety of cute outfits. And apparently gives him a rash, too.
Jaw-Dropper: Her almost Elvis-style white hot suit.

Bug-eye sunglasses that'd make Nicole Richie circa 2004 go "what the hell was I wearing???" But a tad bit more chic.

Artist: Lissie Trullie
Song: Ready for the Floor
Year: 2009
Treatment: Vintage-y grainy cameras capture the model-turned-rocker's stylish swayings.
Jaw-Dropper: See Disco Ball dress above, complete with arm band.

Too classy to be a hooker.

Artist: Uffie
Song: Pop the Glock
Year: 2009
Treatment: Well-dressed hipster throw a sex party.
Jaw-Dropper: Uff's Jeremy Scott hoodie with the ears!

Definitely not for church.

Artist: Santigold
Song: Lights Out
Year: 2008
Treatment: Santi White in front of a bunch of different backgrounds. With her deadpan dancers.
Jaw-Dropper: A brown and yellow checkerboard hoodie complete with loads of jewelry.

 I want that coat.
A jealous zebra killed her after seeing this.

Artist: The Noisettes
Song: Never Forget You
Year: 2010
Treatment: Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa repeatedly says she misses her ex while running around barefoot/in hot vintage clothing.
Jaw-Dropper: See above dress. YESSS.

You can never go wrong with Doc Martens.

Artist: Eve
Song: Tambourine
Year: 2007
Treatment: Eve becomes "glam." Ditches Ruff Ryders schtick for new fashionista face.
Jaw-Dropper: An all-over sequin dress and blonde bangs in front of a rainbow backdrop, Eve does FIERCE well.

All the styles of 2007 are well represented. You got leo print, latex leggings, bright colors, and more. Thank you, Eve.

If you guys think I was missing anything, let me know, and I'll include them in another post!

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