Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fashion: Yo, Peep Dis Shit I Just Bought!

From Sourpuss Clothing. To be worn with tights, boots, blazers, and lots of jewelry.

H&M Bodycon minidress. To wear with EVERYTHING. From tights to berets and oxfords.

From Forever 21. Perfect with everything. And to catch the stains from your falling food when you're being worthless on a couch.

H&M beret. To replace the one the wind ate a few months ago.

H&M yellow bodycon dress. I have nothing yellow in my closet. Until now. ^_^

H&M leo skinnies. FINALLY. I've been looking for leo skinnies forever. Perfect to wear with ripped sweaters, band tees, and black combat boots/black platform Chuck Taylors. And a skully.

H&M studs. Come on. I had to buy them. And the ones on the bottom right look like the cover of Simian Mobile Disco's album Temporary Pleasure.

Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Primus, Battles, and Bjork are the newest additions to my collection. Its growing little by little! I want a whole shelf full of CDs one day. They're my weakness. I wish I still had the cases to my Janet Jackson, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, M.I.A., and Beyonce CDs...oh well.

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  1. i love leopard so much!

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