Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Leopard and Leather

Been skimping on the outfits lately. Here's two narcissistic pictures of me wearing leopard and leather shit!
Vest: Forever 21. Top: Forever 21. Jeans: Topshop. Necklace: H&M. Shoes: Walmart.

Top: Gojane. Coat: My mom's! Jeans: H&M. Boots: Dr. Marten. Necklace: H&M.

These are the Leigh jeans I was talking about.

When I say these jeans are amazing, I really mean they are amazing, and worth every penny. For girls with big booties, it's hard to find jeans that don't do that gape shit at the back. These fit like a glove and also don't sag in the knees. They compliment my figure so well.

That Holy Shirt tee is one of my favorite purchases in the past few months. I mean, come on. It's perfect. It kind of reminds me of UNIF and Wildfox stuff that I'll never be able to afford in life. And it's so literal. Holy shirt. Crosses. Distressed. HAHAHAHA! What a marvelous sense of humor, Forever 21!

So I've been meaning to enlighten you all about WBC, AKA "White Boy Curiosity." Because a majority of the guys I like are not black--not because I hate myself or anything *rolls eyes* I actually just prefer them--it's always hard to see if they actually like you or just wanna bang you because they want to see what it's like. Crazy jungle fucking? Being ridden like a horse into oblivion with the result being a cum-splattering orgasm? The best dick suck in the history of dicksuckdom? Because of this stupid thinking, they only seek us out to have bro time with their friends and tell them about their conquests with an Asian chick, a Hispanic broad, and a black chick. The storytelling will be met with extreme high-fives and chest-bumps--or whatever gay shit white guys do with each other these days--and the non-white girls will be treated as nothing but ethnic booty calls. The only girls they actually take seriously are white. Their parents are totally okay with them going out and fucking everything on the girl menu, long as they don't marry a non-white girl, ESPECIALLY if she's black. Marry one, and good luck inheriting the shit they left for you! This WBC fetishizes black women, and then we are not seen as intellectual beings. God forbid we actually DON'T wanna "pop dat pussy for a real nigga" and actually read. It's a lingering paranoia that every black woman who dates outside of her race and actually want's something serious should know. 

But on a less depressing note, most of the interracial couples who come into my job--and there's a LOT--are black girl and white guy. Guess there's some hope after all?


  1. thank you, ladies! lol i actually found out that it is a replica of a unif t-shirt but it said "holey shirt" with the 'e' and the 'r' faded out!