Friday, March 1, 2013

Spice Girls Swag

My new YRU Qozmo shoes came. They are huge. They are clunky. They look ridiculous. My mom hates the fuck out of them. She thinks I am crazy.

But I really don't care. These are my Spice Girls shoes. This is my ode to Scary Spice. On a list of fierce women I adore, she is definitely on such list. She did a mean leopard print, parachute pant, made me wish my stomach was awesome enough for bare midriffs, and made me pine for camouflage. I love that crazy bish.

Of course I am aware that everyone will find me strange and unusual and will be a definite man-repeller. Whatever.


  1. Ohh I'm sooo glad I came across your blog babe,looks great!

  2. i will forever love these ladies!! -- i remember how much i wanted a pair of platforms when they first come out, and i love your spice girls shoes. so awesome

    xo Diana

    Dressed Up Alligators

    1. thank you. yes the spice girls are such an inspiration. i can't believe after all these years, i still idolize them lol

  3. Nice platforms!
    With love,